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I'm Laura, and I'm the founder of That Magical Life. 

I'm a heart-centred, soul-led creative, coach and holistic practitioner, and I have always been in awe at how much magic and power we hold within us.

I'm passionate about inspiring others to find, trust and unleash the magic that's inside themselves, too. 

That Magical Life was founded to help the creatives, dreamers and magic makers rediscover their connection to themselves via a range of products and services. 

Having first trained as a professional actor, Laura found her love of writing and designing along the way. She has been coaching performers in acting and singing for 14 years, and in 2020 qualified as a coach specialising in confidence, mindset and happiness. 

Laura is a certified Reiki, Rahanni and Mindfulness Practitioner, as well as an Angel Guide, and runs workshops and courses on these subjects, as well as providing 1:1 services.

She also runs That Magical Studio - The Home of Creativity, working mainly with other heart-centred, soul-led wellbeing practitioners and creatives. You can find out more about her creative work here.

That Magical Life is a family affair, with none of it being possible without the endless love and support offered by Laura’s Mum and her Nanny.