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You Are The Universe

A few years ago, I wrote a piece called ‘You are Magic’ (you can listen to it here)

I was inspired to write this after reading an article that was talking about how we are all made up of stardust. That’s not just some woo-woo claim, there is science behind it. 

Dr. Ashley King (a planetary scientist and stardust expert) said ‘It is totally 100% true: nearly all the elements in the human body were made in a star and many have come through several supernovas’. You can read more about his work here.

I remember thinking at the time wow - what an amazing way to look at things. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming; the world is so big and there is so much going on that often it can feel like we have no control whatsoever. This idea that we were stardust really grabbed me; it made me feel empowered, like I had some kind of magic inside of me.

These days, life can be extremely tough for a lot of people. As a collective, we have been through a lot of trauma over the past few years, and no matter how well you think you are coping, that is a reality for all of us. Trauma does not always manifest as depression, anxiety, or similar behaviours. Trauma can manifest as exhaustion, poor concentration, inability to sleep. It can affect your impulse control, how you react to situations around you and your ability to relax. 

It is more important now than ever to step into our power, to understand how much control we do have instead of focusing on all the stuff outside of ourselves that we cannot control. 

Whether you are just embarking on your spiritual journey, or have been on it a while, you have probably heard the phrase ‘ask the universe’. ‘Put it out there to the universe’, ‘Tell the universe what it is you want’.

While I can completely understand the idea behind statements like these, it is important to note that you ARE the universe, and the universe is you. 

I find that one of the hardest things for people who are on any kind of spiritual journey to grasp is this - you are the universe.

When you are encouraged to ‘ask the universe’ or ‘put it out into the universe’, what you are really doing is tapping into yourself, into the inner knowing you already having. You are the universe. We have to really encompass that, truly step into our purpose and power, and know that we are deserving. 

You’re not handing your power over to an external source, you are empowering yourself from within. Sometimes it is easier for us to believe someone or something else is in control, because it takes the responsibility away from us. 

Don’t give your power away. Take control. Believe in yourself. Believe in the power inside you.